How to Throw a 90s Theme Party

How to Throw a 90s Theme Party – Michelle Farrior

How to Throw a 90s Theme Party

How to Throw a 90s Theme Party – Capri Suns, Nerds, Ring Pops

Top 7 Betty Boop Ideas for Party Supplies, Decor and Games

Boop-Oop-A-Doop! Celebrate your birthday or any occasion with your favorite flapper girl!

1. Greet each female guest at the door with her own boa! (available in black, white, red and white, black and gold / silver boas). Throw in a pair of diamond heart or red lip glasses to complete her attire!

2. Decorate your table with the cartoon star's favorite colors. Try an eye-catching black, white, red or checkered tablecloth. Use red, white or black plates, cups and napkins to complement your table. For a centerpiece, try a striking red star centerpiece or a "Hot Lips" pinata

3. Place cardboard cut-outs of Betty Boop at the front door or on the walls of your party room. Hang black, white and red balloons from the ceiling to provide a festive atmosphere.

4. Find pictures from the roaring 20's (1920's cars, flapper girls) or pictures from Betty's movies on the internet or in magazines and hang them on doors, windows and walls.

5. Have a Charleston dance contest by providing a large open space in the middle of the floor. Find vintage music on the internet to play while your guests strut their stuff individually, in couples or in groups. Award the best dancers with a box of heart-shaped cookies or chocolates.

6. Take your "Hot Lips" pinata and let your guests use a pinata blindfold and bat to break it open. Fill your pinata with an assortment of candy lipstick, lip gloss, lotions, bath oils, etc.

7. Play "Hide-and-Go-Seek" by giving your guests fiber optic heart lights and letting one person go hide while the others close their eyes and count to 30. Then let your guests use their flashlights to find the hiding person. When the person is found, the finder yells, "Boop-Oop-A-Doop!", Lettting the others know the game is over. (Another variation: When someone finds the missing person, he / she turns off his / her flashlight and hides with them. The next person does the same, until the last person finds the group).

These ideas will help you host a fantastic Betty Boop party!