Epic Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

Epic Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas – Tabitha Philen

Epic Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

Check out these Minecraft party decorations! Make a Minecraft spider from black balloons and crepe streamers. A portal is made from purple and black crepe streamers. EASY! She includes Minecraft party printables and has great ideas for Minecraft party decorations, games, and more!

Don't we all just love birthday parties- The cake, the gifts, tasty food and all your friends and family to share your birthday with. Especially kids, love their birthdays and look forward to them from months before. Letting them take initiative to help you with their birthday planning is not a bad idea. In fact it will help them learn how to organize and plan parties as well as make them happy. Hey! It's a load off your back too when your kid knows just what they want.

Here are a few ways in which you can involve your kids to decorate and help plan their birthday.

Choosing their birthday theme / decorations

Letting them take charge and choose the theme for their birthday is one of the easiest ways to involve your kids. You'd be shocked to see how creative and special their ideas are. Help your kids chart out exactly what theme they want and the décor items they'll need.

Birthday Party Invitations

Let your kids make a list of all the friends they want to invite and make personalized invitation cards.

Writing or typing their own birthday invitations will be a great exercise for your kid. It maybe a little time consuming since they are not as fast as adults, but at least they'll learn something new and personalize their invitations.

The Birthday Party Decorations

Take charge of the decorations and let your kid go shopping with you to buy décor items. Give them easy tasks such as telling you how they want the house to be decorated and doing the easy bits. Involving your kid will make them feel important and build up their confidence too.

Birthday Games Ideas

Who better than your kids can decide what games they want to play with their friends?

It is amazing how many ideas of games your kids will come up with. They have so much that they want to do especially when they get to do it as they wish. Yes, sometimes their ideas may sound ridiculous but as a parent you should be supportive and help them make the most of it.

Party Clean-up

Cleaning up after a party is the worst part. Nobody likes to do it since all the fun and frolic are over and done with now. However, when you involve your kids from the beginning, they will feel a sense of responsibility as it was indeed their birthday party.
You can make them in charge of putting the gifts and their bags away and throwing away the present trash.

It is true that you can wrap up planning, organizing and cleaning the house after your kid's birthday party sooner when they are not involved but teaching them these will give them a sense of responsibility and accountability which you will appreciate. They finally understand how much work goes into a party and become grateful to their parents for their help. The birthday and its success make all the hard work that you and your kids put into it worth it!