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DIY Party Bandana Banner

Easy DIY Bandana Party Banner. Cute party decorations for your summer party.

If it's that time of year again when you're thinking about organizing a birthday party for your son the following these simple tips will ensure that your boys party will go without a hitch.


Make sure that you send your invites out with plenty of time to spare. Ideally the invites for your boys birthday party should be sent out no later than 4 weeks before the party. Be sure to include a RSVP on your invitation. It is not necessary for guests to write back to you. With the advance of modern technology the best way for people to RSVP is by text message or email. If you are holding the party in your own home then a maximum of 10 boys is advisable.


Decide on a theme for your boys birthday party. Giving your party a theme will make it extra special for your son and his friends are bound to talk about the wonderful party for weeks to come. Popular themes at the moment include Ben 10, Sponge Bob, Dinosaurs and Pirates. If you are going to invite some girls to your sons birthday party then maybe a pirate and princess theme will be most suitable.


Once you have decided on the theme of your boys party the next thing you have to do is organize some decorations to tie in with your theme. There are many party stores on the high street or at your local mall, but often the cheapest place to source your boys party decor from is the internet. There are many online party stores and a quick search of Google will show you those that supply goods that match your party theme. Alternatively you could buy your party ware from eBay where there is a massive range available.


Feeding and watering your hungry guests is something that you have to plan in advance. You can either provide a running buffet throughout the party or take a break and sit your guests down to eat all at the same time. You can lay the food out on tables in a buffet style. Or you may find it easier to pr-prepare the food in to food boxes and give one to each guest. If the thought of making food for many guests terrifies you then you can always order take-out pizza.


Be sure to have many games lined up to keep the guests entertained at your party. You will find that traditional games such as pass the parcel, musical bumps and statues are always favorites. Search online for games that tie in with your theme. Always have plenty of prizes on hand to give out to the boys who win a game.

Goody Bags

At the end of your party it is important to send your guests home happy. There is no better way of doing this than with a party bag filled with goodies.

Follow these simple steps to ensure that your party is one that they will never forget.