28 Fun Paper Flower Projects You Will Love

28 Fun Paper Flower Projects You Will Love – Michelle Kelley

28 Fun Paper Flower Projects You Will Love

15 Fun DIY Paper Flower Tutorials: Paper Wisteria Flower Party Decorations

Paper is exceedingly being used for things around us and one turf that is not left untouched by paper is decoration. One of the most common forms of paper decor these days are lanterns. One can spot them almost everywhere, in a home, a shop, a restaurant, office etc. Paper lanterns can really jazz up your surroundings and that too without putting much pressure on your pocket.

Lanterns from Paper are a rage and pretty much in vogue, not just because they are affordable, but because they look trendy and extremely modish. They are also believed to bring in good Chi. It is believed that the traditional red or gold Chinese and Japanese lanterns bring in good luck. There are many shapes these lanterns come in like round, rectangular, Criss Cross and more. One can use round lanterns for decoration for parties as they come in peppy colors and delightful prints. You can change the entire appeal of a room by placing these lanterns and they can be hung from the ceiling in the center or at a corner. These lanterns are made using rice paper having bamboo reeds on all sides and deliver a soft warm glow when you place a bulb inside. Don't stop yourself from picking up lanterns made of golden or shimmery paper in case you want to jazz up a disco party.

Patterned paper lanterns

Apart from plain lanterns, there are patterned lanterns that depict designs ranging from cherry blossoms to dragons, goldfish, paisley prints, and safari prints, creating an oriental effect. There are many lanterns that have Chinese symbols of luck, longevity, prosperity etc. These patterned Chinese and Japanese lanterns can create a perfect environment for a festive feel or just add glitz to your home.

DIY Paper Lanterns

Lighting and lamps are often expensive and doesn't suit every budget but these paper lanterns are easily available and at an affordable cost. What's more, you can do it yourself too. It is simple and you don't need those heavy duty tools to make one yourself. Inspire your creativity by DIY lanterns and add fine detailing to your home and parties through these lanterns. There are many ideas on the internet and you can take your pick.

Battery operated paper lanterns

The paper side just got slightly more advanced. There are paper lanterns that are battery operated. Just insert in a battery and it will emanate perfection through its sheer exotic style. These lanterns can be placed outside during night to get that warm glow when you need it the most.

You can do a lot with paper lanterns for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, Christmas party and more. These lanterns are the perfect gift idea, especially for those who like lights. There are many places from where you can get these paper lanterns for parties in bulk.

Go ahead and add that oriental flavor to a party or that missing serenity to your home with lanterns. There is a lot to explore.