27+ Creative Collection Table Decorations For Birthdays

27+ Creative Collection Table Decorations For Birthdays – Heather Newcom

27+ Creative Collection Table Decorations For Birthdays

27+ Creative Collection Table Decorations For Birthdays #

Planning a party all on your own can be fun! But managing all the decorations and the other duties all by yourself can get pretty tiring. What if, you could give your children the job of decorating their own party, and make it a fun morning for the festive evening to come? The few hours of birthday party, could be stretched out into a whole day of fun activities, and the cake to dig in with warmth, love and laughter radiating from every corner of the house. Here are a few ideas in which the children could be engaged into fun decor ideas for the birthday party!

1. Confetti filled balloons.

As adults I think even we are guilty of playing with balloons when nobody's watching, and children? They love every bit of those huge floating objects of fun! And if they're shaped into those looking like animals or cupcakes, your child's eyes would say it all!

Let the kids put confetti into each balloon and blow them up. These balloons would serve a major head turner at every birthday party, when you burst them. And if you want to bring out the colored fingers, they could even finger paint them, yes messy later, but you'd do anything for that smile of joy on their faces won't you?

2. Wall decor.

Decorating the wall is always a must at every birthday party. Doesn't always need to be a banner though. If the wall is painted a neutral color you could engage the children into hand painting it. That would be the best background for the 'Happy Birthday' which you can spray paint later or if you're worried about removing it you can just put up a glittering banner! And you never know, the hand painted wall can even serve as the abstract wall you'd always wanted! And don't worry, kids love nothing better than their own palm impressions on the wall!

3. Origami Explosion.

The name explain all doesn't it? Sit with the little ones, and give them colored pieces of paper. Teach them origami, and you'll be surprised at their creativity! You can layer tape them to the wall, window sills, and viola! Your party decoration is half complete.

4. A treat for the stomach, a treat for the parents' eyes!

If you're not into the one mandatory birthday cake, you could opt for mini cupcakes. Just bake them in a bunch and the icing could be any color you like! Decorating the cupcakes? Don't worry, leave that to the children, they'd probably do it better than you, and with the occasional treat of popping one into their mouth every now and then, you can be a an amazing hit with the children!

5. Masks much?

Again, a definite successful party liner! Who doesn't like masks? And the best part, they can make their own masks with you supervising them. You could turn it into a mask theme evening in a jiffy! You could make yourself one too and then all the kids posing with their masks could be the best Instagram moment you've been fishing for!