15 Creative Ideas for DIY Birthday Party Decor

15 Creative Ideas for DIY Birthday Party Decor – susan drake

15 Creative Ideas for DIY Birthday Party Decor

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Yee Haw! Throwing a cowboy birthday party theme is definitely one of the amazing kids birthday party theme you can throw for his / her birthday. This western style party suits well for kids who loves everything about being a cowboy just like the Indiana Jones or Toy Story movies. Ehh ... Who says that cowboy is only for guys only? Not quite actually because your little cowgirl can also celebrate this, western party theme too. After all, a birthday party is all about having fun.

From almost everything you need to get things started for a western theme party, simply check out some list of ideas that I have gathered below. Psst..Customize them to each of your own favorite. Nothing stops Creativity!

Cowboy Birthday Party Invitation

Making an invitation for your guests is the first things you must do during your planning. Imagine having things all plan out on the day of your child birthday party, but your guests do not know the exact venue, time and date.Thus making an invitation for your guests is definitely very important. On top of that, an invitation will give a rough ideas about the party atmosphere, attire or things your guests need to wear and brings.Here some invitation ideas you can do.

1. Barn Invitation: Get an A4 size construction paper and fold them into half, starting from the part that you fold, draw out a barn. Cut the excess paper so that it looks like a barn. At the center, draw a door and make an opening by cutting them so that your paper door can flip open.Fit in the opening with your kids photo wearing a cowboy hat.Write down your invitation content inside the card.

2. Bull-in-cowboy-hat: Get a suitable A4 size color paper and draw a bull face wearing a cowboy hat. Paste a suitable photo of your kid in cowboy theme on the bull hat column. At the front page, write down 'Lets get Wild Fellows!' At the back of your invitation, simply write down your style of invitation content.

Cowboy Birthday Party Decoration

Have fun making all of these decoration ideas with your kids. As much as possible, let your kids to participate to help do the decoration too.

1. Bull Craft: You will need two large cardboard, pole, PVC pipe (attach few long nail around it) to stand a pole and a drawing materials. Draw an identical large bull face (mirror image) wearing a cowboy hat on a two large cardboard. Draw out its pair of eyes and mouth and add the color. Attach both cardboard on one side of the stick and hang it outside your house yard using PVC pipe.

2. Wanted Poster: Design and decorate your favorite 'wanted poster' using vanguard sheet, color marker, your kids photo, amazing text style which you can print out from computer and many more!

3. Balloon Decoration: Decorate your house with lots of colorful balloons including ceiling, window and even floor. You can draw a simple cowboy picture, bull or horses on the balloon using color marker.Let your kids have fun decorating them.

4. Cowboy Triangular Streamer: Get a few stacks of A4 size color paper and cut a few identical triangle. Add some cowboy theme drawing or cut and paste them by printing them online.

5. Welcome Banner: Get a large construction paper. Decorate your party banner by drawing some pictures, add stickers or use cut and paste method. Since it is large, you can use color paint to decorate them. At the the center of the construction paper, write down "Welcome Fellows To (your kids name and year of birthday party) Birthday party!" Adjust the width and height of the construction paper to suit your favorite welcome banner.

Cowboy Birthday Party Games and Activities

Every players is a winner. Remember to provide them with some token of appreciation for participating the game even if they do not wins the game.

1. Horse Race: Gather a few teams comprises of two players. Provide each team with a broomstick to simulate a horse. Both players must sit on the broomstick to simulate as if they are sitting on the horse; one facing front and the other player facing the back. Get them to race against other team. Set a suitable distance with clear marking using cone or white tape. The fastest team to complete the race wins the game.

2. Three legged race: Pair a group of two player for each team. Tie one player leg to one another using a suitable rope or raffia string. Get the player to race about a distance about 10 to 20 meters. The fastest player to complete the race wins the game.

3. Break the Pinatas: This is all time traditional games that you can do for your child birthday party. When one of the player manage to break the pinatas, he / she can retrieve all of the party favor inside it.