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Before & After Kitchen Oak Brook – Sebring Design Build – – Best liposuction

Before & After Kitchen Oak Brook – Sebring Design Build –

Before & After Kitchen Oak Brook – Sebring Design Build –

If you are considering lipo, you may be concerned if you will be left with any tell-tale scars. Will you be able to go out in a bathing suit the summer after you have liposuction? If you can, will you have to wear a one-piece to avoid people noticing the marks from your surgery?

The news is actually surprisingly good. Even in earlier forms of liposuction, a cannula is the instrument of choice - cannulas are a little bit like long, hollow needles used to extract the fat. The scars that are left are usually smaller than the scars of keyhole surgery.

In modern techniques - such as Vaser liposculpture - the cannulas are extremely small indeed, so they leave similarly small scars.

In techniques like Vaser Hi Def, commonly used to define the musculature on men and women who are fitter than your average liposuction candidate, the cannulas are very small. The reason they are so very little is that they need to be able to suction very small areas of fat between the muscles on areas like the abdomen, chest and arms for that high-definition look. In Vaser Hi Def, the entrance points into the body are often located in places like the belly button, or under the bikini line, making them even easier to hide.

The other good thing about Vaser is that it is more minimally invasive than other methods of liposuction. Because of the ultrasound probe attached to the end of the cannula, the fat is broken up before extraction without harming the surrounding tissues. The cannula itself can therefore be much smaller. Bruising is also minimized.

Because of the advances in liposuction techniques, Vaser lipo patients in particular usually go home on the same day as their Vaser liposuction procedure. This is because Vaser lipo is usually carried out under local anesthetic, so there are no groggy after effects from general anesthesia.

After your procedure, a snugly fitting support garment is usually worn for a few weeks to aid healing and contouring. Many patients are able to resume normal activities within a couple of days of the Vaser.

Keeping in mind that any scarring you will have from this procedure will fade, Vaser liposuction can be an excellent choice for ensuring that nobody ever knows you've had any liposuction done at all. Even in the early stages of healing, the liposuction scars are very small indeed and easily hidden.